Dune, a blazing hot deserted planet deep into the solar system, populated by a fierce tribal race called the Fremen and giant sandworms. A planet that is the source of the most precious substance in the Universe - spice.

It is here that Paul Atreides must face up to his fate. His Imperial family has been granted the lucrative rights to mine the spice by the Emperor, knowing that it will involve them in a fight to the death with their sworn enemies the brutal Harkonnen, who have enslaved the Fremen to mine spice for themselves. Take control of Paul and guide him to his destiny by winning over the Fremen and ridding Dune of all Harkonnen.
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Jul 12, 09 5:15pm
I read this one when I was twelve. Big time. Awesome, Mr. Herbert. They are probably right. `..Science Greatest Fiction's Masterpiece.' Dune
Jul 12, 09 3:53pm
Pretty deep. Dune
May 24, 06 4:55am
No front cover Dune
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