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In the second game of this 3 part series, you play as the 3rd Prince of the Empire who has uncovered the existence of the mysterious Bulzome Sect. Starting on the floating city of Saraband you must uncover the secrets and mysteries surrounding this cult. Battles are fought in turn based situations on a grid formation. Some of the choices made in the first part will affect events that occur in this part. Can you find out what's going on before it's too late


The second in the Shining Force 3 trilogy, Scenario 2 plays in much the same way as Scenario 1, with the emphasis on strategic, turn-based combat. However, the events of a completed Scenario 1 save file can now have an effect on what happens in this installment, with new characters and situations becoming availible. More character types, spells and weapons are present, also.


  • Huge tactical battles with a turn-based system
  • Innovative Friendship system
  • Later events influenced by past choices made in the game
  • Varied cast of characters and new ones introduced in this part
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