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The dark tournament known as Mortal Kombat begins again as the Outworld forces once again challenge the fighters of earth. Players will have to choose from a variety of fighters, such as the martial arts expert Liu Kang, the movie star Johnny Cage, and the monstrous Baraka, as they fight through the tournament in a series of death matches in order to claim final victory in a brutal fight to the death against the ruler of Outworld himself, Shao Khan.


  • The game includes eight original and new characters
  • Unique settings
  • Cool special moves
  • Vicious Fatalities
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yur MUM bought a SATURN!! MortalKombat2 GENESIS
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Fighting game MortalKombat2 GENESIS
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ive got this game on both the super nintendo, and the sega 32x MortalKombat2 GENESIS
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Worse than 1 MortalKombat2 GENESIS
Jan 09, 09 2:11am
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it's ok. MortalKombat2 GENESIS
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3 is better MortalKombat2 GENESIS
May 04, 05 12:29am
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