A darkness is gathering around the continent of Legendra, one that marks the return of a long forgotten evil. The kingdoms must discover the truth of the matter and unite. But, with the conquering of the Fandaria Kingdom by the 'Crazy Lion', Goldark, and the natural distrust many other nations harbour towards each other, that unity must come through force.


A strategy game with heavy RPG influences, Dragon Force allows you to command one of eight kingdoms and vie for control of the Legendra continent. With a wide range of troops to control and unique commanders to influence the battles, Dragon Force provides a multi-path, multi-story experience of tactical warfare.


Huge, real-time continental map to traverse.
Eight different kingdoms to control, each with it's own armies and abilities.
Human-controlled generals each have special powers to influence the outcome of battle.
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Dragon Force is one the best games I own for the Sega Saturn. I even like it better...

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