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Alone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's Revenge, a port-over from the popular PC title of the same name, is one part feature film, one part mystery novel, and one part ghost story concerning the kidnapping of a Hollywood movie mogul's child by a band of voodoo-empowered swashbucklers led by pirate king One-Eyed Jack. Assume the role of Edward Carnby, a supernatural detective, to infiltrate One Eyed Jack's seaside mansion hide-out and rescue little Grace. Make your way through garden mazes, avoid traps, sneak past the opposition, and take on a gang of undead pirates. Use swords, grenades, Tommy Guns, and even a frying pan on a variety of foes, from swordsmen to gruesome butlers, as well as a diminutive cook with one mean attitude, and a voodoo priestess, leading up to the big show-down with One-Eyed Jack himself!
Mar 01, 05 2:33pm
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