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You are a treasure hunter, and you have heard lots of stories about a place underground, an empire. Of course, as tales go, there is lots of treasure there and you want it all for yourself and since you're an adventurer, you have nothing better to do. So you arrive outside of a house in uncharted territory, that's where your adventure really begins!


The game is a Text-based Adventure (for DOS and Apple Macintosh) game. Translation: There are no graphics in this game (which means NO characters/objects/anything, just text). You have to type commands to your "character and he will do it. For example, if you write "open mailbox" and press Enter. A message will come up saying "Opening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet.". Now you should type "take leaflet" to take it or "read leaflet" to read it (there are more keywords you can use on every objects like "climb", "look at/examine", break [object] with [item in inventory] etc.).

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