When young Fei Fong Wong leaves his village where he lived with little memory of his past, he becomes caught in a struggle between the major powers of the world. Now he and several unlikely allies must master the use of "Gears", humaniod mechs, to uncover a sinister plot masterminded by a mysterious foe. Both character and Gear combat utilize fighting game-style attacks; choose and execute combo attacks, and master special skills as well.


  • Futuristic role playing game
  • Fight your opponents either bare handed or in giant robots
  • Full 3D environment
  • Innovative battle system and immersive storyline
  • For 1 player

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You kill god , and he's not the main enemy. Yeah it's friggin' epic! I say classic a lot, but this SO is. Xenogears PSX

I’ll start this review by saying that Xenogears is amazingly awesome. While I’m...

Best rpg ever made Xenogears PSX

STORY ..merely can't be described in such review.the best since 198s and until now.not...


The anime cutscenes where astounding. That was all couped with the deepth of each...


Oh sweet mercy. Xenogears was a great game. The graphics are beautiful. The music is...


this is probaly the best game i have ever played. A great storyline, ok graphics, its...

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