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Woody Woodpecker finally has his own game for the PSX! Select one of the six characters from the series, including three different renditions of Woody, Wally Walrus, and Chilly Willy. The game is very similar to older racing titles featuring sharper turns and items. Collect these items in the spectacular three-dimensional environments. Each course is unique in their own right, featuring tough, sharp corners, slopes, and also you can race on the slick tarmac or mud. There are four different modes of play, including the main Quest mode, championship mode, a time trial mode, and a single-player mode that also can be used for unlocking different characters and honing your skills.

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Twin_Master and 1 others own Woody Woodpecker Racing
Aug 18, 10 9:43pm
One of the worse for wear generic racers for the PSX. WoodyWoodpeckerRacing DC
Dec 16, 02 6:23pm

Well,I dunno. It seems that it is a fun game(I mean,until the opponents,yeah.)but can...

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