WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role Own / Want List

Username Comments
Shiny None
Andy None
Yumaru None
Matt J None
Dynamite None
bri89 Only $20, good for a weekend.
badboy90 None
Dude_Mcduderson None
nagual None
GregtheGreat None
ITANI Best wrestling game on PSX.
IndependantMOFO None
todd22 None
Damascus_Dude None
Tazz_13 None
hard None
Kudd None
Drew Gooden None
RizzyJay None
Menocide None
Twin_Master Wrestling which I never really got used to.
Exonerate None
Bri None
tgh31201 None
Shin Ra None
RedCloud91 * * * *
jeffhardyrulez6 SUCKS
HBK101 Great
Storm None
Bane99 None
Chimaira None
shorties rock Was fun then. Not fun now. lol
DemonSpirit None
Alvaroduck None
TheWho87 None
Stigmatised I remember going through the season mode for a very long time as The Hardy Brothers, I wish they'd bring back that. Made this game awesome imo.
master keaton None
SerduchkaForever None
VicRattlehead None
KCDubya None
RonandinhoDAMAN None
rougvie83 None
FlameSuck187 None
dstroy None
deathmetalray None
Emperorsith None
Link41 gonna replace with WCW vs NWO World Tour(N64)
LiquidMan21 None
Leon745 None
foodmanhhh None