WWF SmackDown! Own / Want List

Username Comments
Andy None
Yumaru None
Matt J None
Tom None
gamenut6659 None
Dynamite None
badboy90 None
Dude_Mcduderson None
nagual None
GregtheGreat None
IndependantMOFO None
imabrat None
todd22 None
Damascus_Dude None
Tazz_13 None
hard None
whos next Meh
crash freak None
Menocide None
Exonerate None
Bri None
tgh31201 None
Shin Ra None
RedCloud91 * * * *
jeffhardyrulez6 LAME KINDA
Storm None
dragoonmaster You can make your own characters, that's cool
Chimaira None
DemonSpirit None
PangTong_Blademaster None
Terranigma Fan Best wrestling game ever in my opinion
Alvaroduck None
TheWho87 None
Stigmatised Now this brings back memories. I can't remember much apart from being amazed at the Royal Rumble. That was awesome fun. :)
master keaton None
SerduchkaForever None
secret revealer None
KCDubya None
RonandinhoDAMAN None
rougvie83 None
Puroresu None
dstroy None
deathmetalray None
Leon745 None
Untamed_skies None
Wheels77 None
beboto None
MaJaSh09 None
Albert Chambers None