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Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Wipeout 3 Reviews

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ConsoleDomain  --- Dec 19 '00
Game Revolution B+ Oct 15 '99
GameCenter 9/10 Oct 29 '99
GameSpot 8.3/10 Sep 27 '99
Happy Puppy 7/10 Oct 11 '99
IGN PSX 9.1/10 Sep 24 '99
Solinari Gaming 8.6/10.0 Sep 23 '01
Sports Gaming Network 85% Dec 14 '99
Total Games 94% Dec 19 '00
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Game Revolution on Dec 19 '00

"Wipeout 3 is a great new dose of anti-gravity racing magic and a must-have for all hardcore fans. Sure, you don't fix what 'aint broke, but I just wish the game had a little something more… a..."

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GameCenter on Dec 19 '00

"If the concept of racing futuristic superhigh-speed vehicles in combat is remotely interesting to you, or you liked WipeOut XL, you should get WipeOut 3. It has a lot of refinements over the..."

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GameSpot on Dec 19 '00

"W3 should appeal to longtime fans of the series who are looking for a new challenge and perhaps to folks who didn't find the license tests of Gran Turismo too frustrating. It is, however, sure to..."

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IGN PSX on Dec 19 '00

"...it brings more to the table, it's faster and better. Newcomers and Wipeout fans alike are going to be all over it."

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Sports Gaming Network on Dec 19 '00

"If you have Wipeout and Wipeout XL (and Wipeout 64), you already know what the buzz is all about, and you probably have the game in hand; if not, you might want to check out what all the fuss is..."

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