Wild ARMs 2 GameShark Codes

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wild arms 2 gameshark codes (PSX) North America

Lilka: Have All Force Abilities 3011a89700ff
Ashley: Have All Force Abilities 3011a79f00ff
Brad: Have All Force Abilities 3011a81b00ff
Rapid Fire 800f60e40000
Have All Items 5000ff020001 8011abe8c600
Lots of Gella 8011aeecffff
Brad: Max HP 8011a7a81388 8011a7ac1388
Brad: Max FP 8011a7b603e8
Brad: LV 50 8011a7b40031
Brad: Have All Tools 3011a80eff03 3011a80ffff04 3011a810ff05
Ashley: Max HP 8011a72c1388 8011a7301388
Ashley: Max FP 8011a73a03e8
Ashley: LV 50 8011a7380031
Ashley: Have All Tools 3011a792ff00 3011a793ff01 3011a794ff02
Lilka: Max HP 8011a8241388 8011a8281388
Lilka: Max FP 8011a83203e8
Lilka: LV 50 8011a8300032
Lilka: Have All Tools 3011a88cff06 3011a88dff07 3011a88eff08