Ashley, Lilka and Brad are recruited into a special squad, ARMS, to help combat the terrorist organization Odessa. Wild Arms 2 introduces more playable characters than the original game, as well as a rotatable 3D world and more character development options. Of course, there's more in terms of threats to Filgaia than Odessa, and it's up to Ashley and his friends to find out what it is.

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You will waste countless hours of your life on this game you will fail many tests...


This was an awesome game, when I first saw it and read through a couple of the reviews...


Although I don't believe this title fared as well as the first Wild Arms it was solid...


When I first played the original Wild Arms game for the Playstation console, I learned...


What I liked the most is that there was SO MUCH MUSIC! Different battle themes,...


It could have been more than it was, although this installment of Wild Arms fit quite...


It was okay in a way but the story was on going and their was no real big climax. Once...

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