Ragnarok is approaching and Odin sends you, Lenneth Valkyrie, to Midgard to recruit the souls of fallen warriors. Send the worthiest back to Valhalla, while you develop your own party and purify weird souls in unique 2D battles in this RPG from Enix.

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Great story, innovative gameplay. ValkyrieProfile PSX

I am reluctant to reveal too much about this game, because with proper exploration and...


Well this is a good Enix RPG I must say. The story is very interesting Gods, demigods,...


This is simply one of my favorite RPGs after thinking about it. I tried it over a...


Overall a great playstation RPG .It becomes kinda annoying when they make you fight an...


Tri Ace are so good to make this game.


Great game for everyone, skilled are not (thanks to the adjustable difficulty). Pick...


Valkyrie Profile is a great game with a lot to offer. Though it's 2-D, I was...

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