The manor of Duke Bardoba was taken by the cult Mullenkamp. Now special agent Ashley Riot must journey to the ancient, cursed city of Lea Monde to discover what plans Mullenkamp has up their sleeve. Explore the city of evil in richly detailed 3D and battle all manner of foes realtime. Master an extensive set of combat abilities and spells, and forge your own weapons and armor. What dark secrets of the city, and yourself, will you discover?

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Not their finest hour.
Vagrant Story is a game made by Square back when they were...

One of the best games of all time. My favorite PSX title by far. VagrantStory PSX
Apparently an awesome game, I was lent to it from a friend but I never got chance to play it. :( VagrantStory PSX
Great game with good weapon system VagrantStory PSX
An excellent third-person adventure game! VagrantStory PSX

This game is AWESOME!!! the best game i've ever played, and i've played FF7, but FF...


Ok, Squaresoft is known for its RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, but Vagrant Story...


A very good RPG from Squaresoft, as it is original, and no more random battles, you...


Just the best RPG game for PSX. Nothing more to say.


sssssssssoooooo aaaaaawwwsssssssoooommeeeeee


Seriously, this is my second favourite game of all time, surpased only by Chrono...


This game is so great i don't know where to start well this game had me hooked the...

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