UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.2/10

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UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GameCenter 6/10 Nov 29 '00
Gamespot UK 6.0/10 Jan 04 '01
Happy Puppy 5/10 Jan 03 '01
IGN PSX 7.7/10 Nov 09 '00
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UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Sep 11 '00
PSXNation Sep 12 '00
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GameCenter on

"...a fighting game based entirely on near-inescapable joint locks and tap-outs... matches often last about three seconds... incredibly frustrating to play... button mashing plays too big a role in..."

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GameSpot on

" "UFC comes with 22 fighters available from start-up and several others that are unlocked by completing certain directives. Jiujitsu, kickboxing, sumo, and pit fighting are just a few of the 12..."

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Gamespot UK on

"...it soon becomes very repetitive and leaves you yearning for the ability to throw a Hadoken or nail your opponent with a Stone Cold Stunner..."

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Happy Puppy on

"...it seems Opus and Crave Entertainment forgot to bring home the tight gameplay, awesome visuals, and the killer audio that marked the original game. What remains from this translation provides a..."

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"While the gameplay mechanics are realistic, the one-player game itself is lacking in variety. From one round to the next, your opponents are pretty similar, one by one. That's the downside to..."

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