This year's Twisted Metal competition finds fourteen new and old Vehicles/Drivers driving for their lives across eight battle theatres, including Hollywood, Hangar 18 in Area 51, The Valley of Kings in Egypt and others. Experience the action and thrill of a demolition derby, and the pure destruction of a battle arena game. Enjoy a sound score for your soul by Rob Zombie to sing to while you tear the $#!& out of your opponents in either Tournament or Death Match modes. It's either kill or be killed in the Demolition Derby From Hell in an attempt to win the ultimate prize- one wish...

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Not as much fun as Small Brawl but still great to blow things up. TwistedMetal3 PSX
another game in the awesome twisted metal series.. TwistedMetal3 PSX
I completed it 10 times on Twisted Metal difficulty i also completed it on the HARDEST level (Using a CHEAT). TwistedMetal3 PSX

REGARDING GRAPHICS: Twisted Metal III DEFINITELY has better graphics than its...


I changed this review now that I play it more often. Here are my scores:


The game's graphics improved a bit. The cars are OK, I wish they hadn't dropped the...


This game was good in my opinion.The graphics and gameplay really wasn't that bad at...


Well,it is better than 1 and 2 but it still ain't too great. The sound and music were...


Not to much detailed comments here sense I'm a bit late with this and the next 3 games...


A good game to play against someone else, but the bosses don't put up much of a fight...

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