You are Lara Croft, wealthy British fortune hunter and seeker of lost relics. Your journey takes you into the ruins of ancient Inca civilization into the heart of demonic madness. Help Lara Croft through 15 levels of various tombs and catacombs in search of artifacts and treasure.


  • Explore four massive worlds with over 15 original levels encompassing four continents.
  • Your arsenal includes: pistols, magnums, a shotgun and uzis.
  • Battle wolves, bats, bears, alligators, raptors, and even a T-Rex in your quest for the Scion.
  • Over 5,000 frames of animation on the main character, Lara, alone.
  • Unique multi-target acquisition system.
  • State of the art intelligent third person perspective cinematic camera system.
  • Multi-genre immersive gameplay.
  • The first real 3D interactive exploratory adventure.

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