Two different characters are out to look for the fabled "Relic". Play as either Rue, a warrior who can change into monters he defeats, or Mint, a deposed magic-wielding princess. Experience the story from their different perspectives and explore a 3D world filled with monsters to battle in real-time, and friends to converse with for clues.


Threads of Fate combines the gameplay of a real-time 3d adventure with an RPG typical character-system. The game provides two different main characters and two different storylines.
On their journey both characters have to explore areas filled with challenging puzzles and unusual enemies. To solve certain mysteries or clear certain obstacles, they have to make use of special abilities. By using collected coins, Rue has the ability to shape-shift into the forms of defeated monsters, whereas Mint can learn and use a variety of powerful magical spells.


  • Real-time role-playing game
  • Choose between 2 characters and their quests
  • Help Rue revive his lost sister
  • Help Mint steal the throne of her kingdom from its rightful heir
  • 3-D characters and environments

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Shedevil and 6 others played Threads of Fate
Jun 22, 07 5:56am
I love this game ever since I played the demo ThreadsOfFate PSX
Nov 08, 06 12:16pm
great hope for second one ThreadsOfFate PSX
Dec 15, 05 2:25pm
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Apr 15, 05 12:45am

Detailed? Okay.

Gameplay: ...It's FUN!! It's one of the greatest games I've ever...

Master Spider
Jan 11, 05 7:14am
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Master Spider
Dec 28, 04 6:19am

At Threads of Fate,you can play with two different characters that both two wanting to...

Master Spider
Dec 21, 04 6:10am
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Aug 16, 04 8:23am
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Jul 27, 04 2:19am
Ordered from Ebay! Another is a fakie from the Philippines. Hahah. Very good game. ThreadsOfFate PSX
Coral Blue
May 29, 04 11:29am
A fun, relaxing game. ThreadsOfFate PSX
Coral Blue
May 25, 04 1:35am

Threads of Fate has the feel of a game that was meant to be played during your spare...

May 22, 04 2:23am
Real Cute ThreadsOfFate PSX
Mar 30, 04 7:41pm
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golden knight
Dec 14, 03 6:50pm

I want to say first that I love this game.It's alot of fun and has alot to it.I do...

Dr Casey
Apr 20, 03 7:12am

Huzzah. This game has it all: it's fun, it has likeable character, has good music, and...

Dec 21, 02 11:43am

Very cool game. If there was a Threads of Fate 2, I would totally buy it! My favorite...

Dec 18, 02 7:15am

The village of Carona was a quiet trading post of a town. The small population lived...

Dec 11, 02 5:56am

the game over all it a must get game if you like squaresoft RPG's which i'm sure you...

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