Prime time's favorite dysfunctional family gets in your face on the Playstation with Simpsons Wrestling. Play as the Simpsons family, or other of Springfield's quirky inhabitants; there's 13 characters to choose from at the outset. Each character can execute their own unique wrestling moves. Over 240 voice samples are in the game, usuable as taunts and whatnot.

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This game is pretty cool. The battle system is pretty fun. You basically attack your...


Difficulty: Medium

Well I rented this game a long time ago. I was never a very big...


I all ways liked it when I win but it is really stupit when you or someone else gets...


This game was obviously the result of, say, 20 minutes worth of production work.



I really enjoy playing this every time, but it could do with a multi-tap mode. There...


DEFINITELY for the Simpsons fans, not the Wrestling fans. Graphics could have been...


This game is one of the crapest Wrestling games i have ever seen and i Know it suposed...

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