Tekken 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
MrX867 None
kokushishin None
WereJackal None
Matt J None
Nuggy None
Lightice None
Dude_Mcduderson None
Yumaru None
bmtaylor None
Winged Dragon of Ra None
NickH None
Revenger of Wastelan None
Kokoro None
Maximus 3 None
GMP Wolf None
Twin_Master My personal favourite of the PSX versions since it seemed to be the fastest and had me playing much more than the others.
isa98 None
Shin Ra None
Storm None
Celes Leonhart My favourite in the series, Baek was my main
jbh None
Cloudy Wolf None
peterp None
Jaw Knee 7/10
klon_aya None
FaithRiddle None
screamingabdabs None
Gem Love Wist None
Chimaira None
Scott 1 None
Gamesta100 None
Neomancer Mike Never play
nasty nappa None
DemonSpirit Although the graphics are showing their age, this game is more than buyable in gameplay terms & a big part to the tekken story.
PangTong_Blademaster None
Alvaroduck None
Dresken None
Matthew MALTA None
Roy94 None
VicRattlehead None
galacticmario None
Funaki None
PixieGyrl99 None
Sephiroth87 None
MrGrimm One of the only fighting game series I got into.
kill 100% completed
PRL412izmint None
Mr Musefan None
Golden Hiro None
solidfranz None