Revenge.... One word that often comes out of our minds if we're fighting for revenge. Too bad Kazuma is taking all the blame. Learn about more than 20 characters and their story and connection to kazuma. After you beat the game, watch a video about them. This sequel to the original one contains old favorite characters and some new ones. Many new moves are added and options are at maximum. Gameplay modes include the classic arcade version, tournament, survival, team, and practice. Destroy bosses and see if you're the one to unlock a new deadly character disposal or just playing to destroy pandas or kick guys in the knee.

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JonesFRB and 34 others played Tekken 2
JonesFRB and 98 others own Tekken 2
Aug 18, 10 9:40pm
My personal favourite of the PSX versions since it seemed to be the fastest and had me playing much more than the others. Tekken2 PSX
Aug 26, 09 11:12am
Fighting game Tekken2 PSX
Aug 19, 09 11:41am
One of the only fighting game series I got into. Tekken2 PSX
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 4:52am
My favourite in the series, Baek was my main Tekken2 PSX
Neomancer Mike
Apr 19, 08 6:53pm
Never play Tekken2 PSX
Mar 26, 08 7:21pm
100% completed Tekken2 PSX
Dec 11, 07 1:37am
Although the graphics are showing their age, this game is more than buyable in gameplay terms & a big part to the tekken story. Tekken2 PSX
Jaw Knee
Aug 11, 07 3:42pm
7/10 Tekken2 PSX
Super Vegeta
Mar 29, 05 1:45am
added 2 cheats
Mar 09, 05 7:31pm

Difficulty: Medium

Tekken is one of those game series that get's better and better in...

Super Me
Jul 07, 04 7:31pm

The villian such as Devil is way cool. He's fairly easy to beat but if you can earn...

Winged Dragon of Ra
Apr 10, 04 10:02am

Use all of the strength and strategy that you have used on tekken and use it here. the...

Mar 01, 03 7:47am

Ok you know me from rating the frist Tekken and I said that game was crapy, but this...

Jan 13, 03 9:19am
added a cheat
Aug 17, 01 8:34am

This game is the poo.

Mar 06, 01 1:31am
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  • Genre: Fighting (PSX)
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: Namco
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Released
    North AmericaSep 15, 1996
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8.3 / 10
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