Choose among 8 fighters to compete in a tournament sponsored by the Mishima Corporation. Fight as your favourite character through ten battles so that you will be the King of Iron Fist. Graphics feature polygonal characters in a 3D environment.
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Clunky but somewhat exciting if you started playing it for the first time. Tekken PSX
love tekken games! Tekken PSX
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I have to admit, this game is showing its age (graphics & maybe gamplay speed) still worth it for collection & open minded beginers though. Tekken PSX

Difficulty: Medium

This game isn't really worth buying unless you're a big Tekken fan...


this is by far one of the greatest games i have ever played. you can easily spend...


What the hell is this? Two blocks going at each other?
I've see bad ganes but this...

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6.5 / 10
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