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Test Drive 5 has a variety of licensed cars and tracks. You'll be able to take to the streets with your mobile and race to your heart's content. The game adds in some new modes to spice it up over the previous offering such as single race, time trials, and cup race.


  • New High Resolution Tracks – Technology advancements have allowed the game to make an incredible leap in the amount of detail present in all racing environments
  • New Branching Technology to create shortcuts and alternate pathways on every track in the game
  • 28 Hot Licensed Cars – 14 exotic sports cars all capable of exceeding 180 mph & 14 ultra powerful "muscle cars" from the past
  • 17 Exotic Tracks featuring unique and accurate recreations from real world locales
  • Extensive Variety of Racing Modes including single race competition, and multiple league modes
  • Multiplayer Design that allows for up to 6-player simultaneous racing via serial cable, modem, LAN and the Internet
  • New Cop Chase Mode – Take control of a supercharged police car and pull over law breaking racers
  • Multi-Dynamic™ Environment Mapping creates photorealistic environments during gameplay
  • Night Driving, realistic weather effects and breakable roadside objects

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