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Dodgeball is a simple and addictive sports game. Try and hit the opposite team with the ball and don't get hit yourself. Sounds simple? Well, with eight mean teams and plenty of special moves, this game is a real challenge. You will have to get the best out of your own players if you hope to challenge the ultimate team: the mighty 'Elementals'. A knockout tournament and single match option, coupled with the fast-and-furious versus mode mean that Dodgeball has something for everyone.


  • One-player single match and Tournament game modes, plus challenging two-player versus mode.
  • Choose from one of eight teams to lead to victory.
  • Can you unlock the Elementals team and win the world tournament?
  • Large wacky characters and colorful backgrounds add to the street cred.

Editor's Note:

Also titled "Super Slammin' Dodgeball" in Europe.

Added on: August 25, 2005

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