Two young men are framed for the slaughter of their own platoon at the end of a war. The two friends are branded as traitors and face the ultimate test of their of their friendship as they're plunged into another war. Suikoden II is the follow-up of the Playstation original, featuring familiar turn-based combat, an improved tactical map battle system, and of course 108 characters to find and recruit. Load data from the previous version of the game to unlock secrets.


Using 6 person parties, characters engage in turn-based style RPG gaming. Each character may either physically attack, defend, unite with another character, or use a rune that is attached to them to cast spells. These features add variety in battle and allow for several possible team configurations and strategies. Also, another piece of the gameplay in Suikoden II is the major battle system. Players will engage their characters with enemies on a large scale battle known as a "major battle." These major battles allow the player to configure batallions with up to 3 batallion leaders. These batallion leaders consist of characters you have recruited to your team, although, only certain characters are available for major battles.


  • 108 characters to recruit and master.

  • A castle to build from the ground up, including its own shops, stores, and inn.

  • Blacksmith system where players can sharpen their characters weapons.

  • Unique rune system allowing characters to learn spells by use of their rune.

  • New feature allows for 1-3 rune slots instead of only one.

  • New mini-games including the cooking game and fishing.

  • New, more interactive major battle system allows for tactical combat.

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Ahhhh, Suikoden II. Where do I start? This was a game I stumbled onto through pure luck. Back in...

I say, with no doubt, that Suikoden and Suikoden II are two of the best JRPGs ever made. I... posted Dec 06, 14 6:31pm

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The first RPG game that I loved.. Flik, you are my man.. Suikoden2 PSX
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I WANT IT! Suikoden2 PSX
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I've been trying to get this game for a while now. I'm not trying to pay $80-$100 for the game on ebay, even if it's a great game Suikoden2 PSX
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It's been a long time since I've been trying to find this game and I hope any of you are willing to sell it to me. Suikoden2 PSX
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I didn't know bout the first Suikoden, but I'm totally in love with Suikoden II when I...

Jul 27, 04 2:21am
I THINK it's fake.We have 2. One is in not-a-good condition. A kewl game!! Suikoden2 PSX
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