While your father (the great General Teo McDohl) is away fighting for the Empire you begin to realize that the Emperor and his Generals have been brainwashed and corrupted leaving the people in a state of misery and suffering. You join the opposing Liberation Army and after an assasination are thrust into the role as leader of the army. As the story unfolds you find yourself in direct conflict with your father.


Players battle through this RPG with a 6-person party. Each character is equipped with his own rune, weapon, and set of equipment. Unite attacks between certain characters is possible, adding for even more possibilities in battle.


  • 108 characters to recruit for battle.

  • A castle system that allows the player to build up a unique town of his own.

  • A rune system that draws out individual spells for each character.

  • Unite attacks, where certain character can unite to do new, more powerful attacks.

  • Unique major battle system where players can engage opposing armies in a large-scale 'tic-tac-toe'-esque battle.
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The PlayStation game which kick-started Konami's well-received RPG franchise back in 1996 returns, and it's finally... posted Dec 23, 08 9:28pm

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This is where it all started. The story is about a young man, Tir, who obtains the...


Personally, I feel it's such a same to see Konami drive this series into the ground,...


Story: 4 a very in depth story that has many clever war scenes and character...


This is not just another game filled violence. What its really about is courage,...


This is another classic that really no one picked up one...sad...but anyway this game...


It's great game with tons of characters to use. Its a story of life and death,...


If u like games like lets see ah! Tales Of Destiny and you'll like it if u like Chrono...

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