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SpongeBob is based on the Nickelodeon cartoon chronicling the life of a young sponge living beneath the sea. SpongeBob wants to give his friend Patrick Star an autograph from their favorite superheroes, but first he must travel through the unique world of Bikini Bottom.


  • Join SpongeBob as he interacts with Sandy Cheeks, Patrick Stars, Mr. Krabs and Squidward
  • Awesome 2-D style characters from the wildly popular television show
  • Based on the popular TV episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy"
  • Play through SpongeBob's hometown of Bikini Bottom, Fish Hooks Park and Rock Bottom
  • Use items such as the Jellyfish New, Coral Blower and Jellyfishing Launcher
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It sorta reminds me of the old sonic games for Sega. It really brings back alot of...


This game is SO STUPID. It's about Spongebob trying to get autographs from Mermaid Man...

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