A prelude to the movie Small Soldiers, the game gives us a glance at what it is that makes the Commando Elite and the Gorgonites such heated rivals. Major Chip Hazard, leader of the Commando Elite, has discovered a way of entering Gorgon, a world rich with natural resources that would be useful for their war effort in their own world. So, in the midst of a stailmate in the Commando world, Hazard sends in hundreds of soldiers and robotic defensive platforms to massacre the nearly defenseless Gorgonites and take all of their world's resources. But Archer, wisest of all the Gorgonites and also their unquestioned leader, decides to, rather than wait patiently for the enemy to come while they fashion their weapons, take them head on and drive them back into their own world.


  • Play as Archer through fourteen unique, 3-D battle environments taking place in Gorgon and the Commando Wastelands.

  • Both memory card and password progress management.

  • A devastating arsenal of weapons, inluding energy arrows, spirit missiles and even summons that call Gorgonite allies to fight alongside you temporarily.

  • Heated Chip vs. Archer two-player battles in either Frag/Deathmatch or CTF modes.

  • Sound score performed by the Northwest Sinfonia.

  • Thrilling platforming and chaotic 3rd-person shooting action in fully-rendered 3-D levels.

  • Large and beautiful levels, complete with swarms of foes, puzzles, and secret areas.

  • Familiar characters from the movie, plus brand new characters: Nibble, Stench, Chanter, Bi-Pod, Mortar, and Sentry.

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