NBA ShootOut 2001 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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NBA ShootOut 2001 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Da Gameboyz 8/10 Dec 15 '00
Happy Puppy 7/10 Nov 16 '00
IGN PSX 6.3/10 Nov 22 '00
Sports Gaming Network 68% Dec 21 '00
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NBA ShootOut 2001 Previews

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IGN PSX Sep 08 '00
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Quoted from NBA ShootOut 2001 Reviews:
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"The AI is pretty good as it allows the computer players to play to the actual skill level of the NBA player."
"Great graphics and sound can certainly make a huge difference in the overall enjoyment of a game, but gameplay is what really makes or breaks a title. In this regard, ShootOut is certainly a contender, but doesn't quite reach the Live plateau."
"...the improvements haven't been restricted to the game's stunning visuals. The developers have made a concerted effort to beef up the game's gameplay, boasting a newly redesigned game engine that promises to deliver a new level of gameplay to back up the splendid visual achievement."
" matter how awesome the front-end presentation of a game is, once the post-production stuff is over and the game enters the 'game' that is when the points really start to tally."
"While Shootout 2001 is not a bad game, it's not as good as Live 2001 for the PSX. It also has to compete with NBA2K1 for the Dreamcast, which is the best basketball game on Earth."