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Help Tommy and the other Rugrats babies find his lost Reptar puzzle pieces. Your search will take you from the Pickle's backyard to outer space. Explore over 17 levels from the viewpoint of a baby. Play bonus mini-games like an egg hunt, cookie race, and mini-golf.


  • More than 17 levels and bonus activities based on Rugrats television episodes
  • Authentic Rugrats' voices and music
  • Explore the Pickles home from a baby's point of view
  • Bonus activities include Mini-Golf, an Egg Hunt, and a cookie race
  • All of the lovable Rugrats characters including Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, Lil, Reptar, and Spik

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Definetely one to buy if you're a Rugrats fan, have a few friends to play against or...


this game wasnt that bad, i really liked the mimigolf stage, this game was way too...

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