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Based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series, Team Rocket Rescue will see you as Team Rocket kids Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam. Help them win competitions in an effort to represent the Rocket Boards extreme sports shop, and help them draw publicity away from the Sno-Mart competition. Earn and utilize special tricks to unlock secret characters and help master the 16 levels of varied gameplay.

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momoroxyourworld and 2 others own Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue

Man, THQ must have REALLY wanted some money to make a no-good, junky game like this....


I won't question the mental stability of those wowed by the whimsy of Rocket Power...


All in all it is veyr good, and I would still buy even thought it is hard, it makes it...


This game is good. definatly the first game I would buy


i can't get a piece of the bike! that's why i don't like it!

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4.9 / 10
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