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Puppeteer Cornet falls in love with Prince Ferdinand when he rescues her from certain death. But when nasty queen Marjoly and her cohorts kidnap Ferdinand, it's up to Cornet and her fairy puppet Kururu to rescue him! Collect 20+ puppets and monsters to fight alongside you in tactical-style battles. And because it's a musical adventure, characters will sing songs you can listen to in English or Japanese.

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Weeeell I really like this game.I love the characters an it's got some funny parts in it to! x3 I haven't beaten it yet but I'm trying =P RhapsodyAMusicalAdventure PSX

This Game is about a girl named Cornet who's parents died when she was young. She also...


I've found Rhapsody to be entertaining at the very least. Despite the plot being...


Rhapsody was a really interesting ad fun game.I believe it was abit too easy but it is...


Wow! Rhapsody was better that I thought! This RPG is like know other! For...

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