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Director's Cut is a newer version of Resident Evil, with uncut scenes and different costumes. This Dual Shock edition offers compatibility with the Dual Shock analog controller. As either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, two members of the Alpha team, you are sent to investigate the mansion and solve its mystery while trying to survive from zombies and monsters.
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Soquid Snake
Feb 18, 11 1:54pm
The start of the Resident Evil series. Plagued with horrible controls, the game still manages to be frightening and enjoyable. 5/10. ResidentEvilDirectorsCutDualShockEdition PSX
The wolf nmd Alex
Jan 19, 09 2:05pm
Favorite game ever ***** ResidentEvilDirectorsCutDualShockEdition PSX
Jul 27, 08 1:48am
Jun 27, 05 9:59am
added a cheat
Apr 23, 05 1:25pm

this is a great game to play. I rate it the same as the original game because the...

Pimpmaster J
Apr 05, 05 11:05am

i like tthis game mostly because i played the second one which got me into resident...

Jun 27, 02 11:21am

OK, people, i got RE:DC on its non-dual-shock-edition. But i guess it's the same game...

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