Aevers' Resident Evil Review

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Cloud_315 Feb 21, 12
Your introductory paragraph is perfect! I agree with you about Resident Evil going from a beautiful survival horror to, what I would call, a generic action flick.

Anyway, great job on the review. Very well done.
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Aevers Feb 23, 12
Thanks for the comment!

Resident Evils 1-3 are my childhood favorites and RE4 was a good game regardless of it feeling a bit too much like an action game, so you could imagine how pissed I was when I popped RE5 into my 360. Even on its own terms, RE5 sucked.
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Cloud_315 Feb 24, 12
The same goes for me. Those along with Dino Crisis 1 and 2. I would have liked to see Resident Evil evolve into something like Dead Space. For me, that is what a new age survival horror should look like. What Resident Evil has become is just disappointing.