Reel Fishing II Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.4/10

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Reel Fishing II Reviews

website score publish date article quality
CheckOut  --- Feb 19 '01
GameCenter 2/10 Jul 18 '00
Games Radar UK 2/4 Jun 16 '00
IGN PSX 6.3/10 Aug 04 '00
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Reel Fishing II Previews

website publish date article rating May 03 '00
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CheckOut on

"This game is truly for the fishing community and most likely won’t be fun for anyone who isn’t into the sport."

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GameCenter on

"Casual fishermen are hereby ordered to steer clear, and for heaven's sake don't give this to dear old grandpa."

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Games Radar UK on

"Reel Fishing II actually falls below the original in terms of quality, and will leave all but the least demanding gamer completely bored."

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"You really have to love fishing and fishing games in order to enjoy this one."

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"With the number of promised improvements and refinements, Natsume may just have a winner."

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