Rayman is on a quest to rid the land of evil and save the Electoons who have been caged throughout many bizarre levels. Traveling and succeeding past through levels will result in additional powers granted to Rayman by his fairy friend Betilla.


  • Side-scrolling platform-style adventure
    More than 30 different levels

  • Converted from the PlayStation original

  • Save Rayman's friends the Electoons from an evil mastermind

  • For 1 player

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An underrated game, in my opinion. Beautiful graphics, nice music, and it's freaking hard. And that's why I love it. Did alllll of it... Rayman PSX


Rayman for the PSX wasn't the very first game I ever played on my PSX but it was...

a good playable version from rayman the great escape Rayman PSX
I hate this game, but i have had it for ages. Rayman PSX
Why the hell did i buy this Rayman PSX

This was one of 5 games I got in the package when I got my PS1. You play as Rayman and...

Just a Rayman 1 remade Rayman PSX
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7.5 / 10
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