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Rainbow Six set pace for other tactical strategies as one of the first in the genre. Players setup, plan, and execute missions of great importance.


    <li type=square">An exciting combination of: - Intense Strategy - Realistic 3D graphics - Authentic Special Forces action.
    <li type=square">The ultimate goal is to save yourself, your team and the world from deadly terrorists.
    <li type=square">Penetrate and protect world famous landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, The Forbidden City, Big Ben and the US Capitol building.
    <li type=square">Assemble your team from a pool of specialists.
    Select from authentic gear and weapons.
    <li type=square">Plan your attack using a blueprint map and 3D view.
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que714 played Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
I LOVE THIS GAME.but i cant get pass the 12 lvl.where i need to download info from the computer.but cant get pass the G. HELP ME RainbowSix PC
Not bad for a shooter. Commanding your other dudes and switching between them is a good feature. RainbowSix PC
one of the early 3-D games. if you look at it now it is almost simple but back then this was good stuff. RainbowSix PC
oops, I got it on PSX actually... RainbowSix PC
An awesome innovative game. The one flaw: Confusing Controls >_< You can get used to it, though. ;) RainbowSix PC

This game is good. Read my good and bad.

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6.4 / 10