In this sequal, Aya Brea has relocated to L.A. It's 3 years later and there's been relative calm until a SWAT team and police helicopter are destroyed. It seems a new breed of parasites have arrived and they're nothing Aya has ever encountered.


  • Take control of an impressive new collection of weapons and parasitic powers in this wildly upgraded sequel.

  • New battle system allows players to fight frightening bio-mechanical organisms in real time.

  • Solve challenging puzzles to progress through the storyline.

  • Cooperate with other characters for rescue missions and special tasks.

  • Multiple branches throughout the storyline create different outcomes and endings for a unique run through each game.

  • Unlock special features, extra game modes and bonus items depending on your rank.

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Aya looks like a mom. ParasiteEve2 PSX
Just an upgraded Resident Evil really ParasiteEve2 PSX
Very pretty cutscenes for 2000. Not as good as the first PE but its still good. ParasiteEve2 PSX

Some parts of this game can really twist your mind about playing it, simply because of...


GAME IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE.all those guns which are featured in this game were...

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