Parasite Eve II is the sequel to the 1998 PlayStation action RPG, where players once again become heroine Aya Brea as she combats a new outbreak of bizarre and dangerous mitochondrial mutants. Unlike the first game, Parasite Eve II plays largely like a survival horror title with real time battles that eschew the gauges dictating when Aya can perform her next action as well as the dome-like ranges for her weapons.

However Aya still gains experience points by defeating enemies like in an RPG. Another aspect that carried over from the first game is the ability to create and customize weapons and armor to a certain extent. By becoming stronger, Aya will gain access to more powerful Parasite Energies which are essentially elemental attacks and defenses.

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Aya looks like a mom. ParasiteEve2 PSX
Just an upgraded Resident Evil really ParasiteEve2 PSX
Very pretty cutscenes for 2000. Not as good as the first PE but its still good. ParasiteEve2 PSX

Some parts of this game can really twist your mind about playing it, simply because of...


GAME IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE.all those guns which are featured in this game were...

not as good at the first ParasiteEve2 PSX

Parasite Eve II is a consistently good-looking action-adventure game that adopts its...

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