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As Abe,you must free Mudokon slaves from the evil Glukkons' SoulStorm brewery. The two main ingredients in SoulStorm brew are Mudokon bones and Mudokon tears. Run, jump, hide, talk, think, and work in unison with your enslaved Mudokon brethren in order to save your race from certain extinction and shut down the Glukkons' brewery.

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One of the PS1's greatest games. I wish Oddworld Inhabitants still made games. OddworldAbesExoddus PSX
Good sequal but nothing could be as good as Abe's Odysee OddworldAbesExoddus PSX
note: i downloaded this to my PC. not for sale OddworldAbesExoddus PSX
Another great oddworld game! OddworldAbesExoddus PSX


Oddworld: Abe's Exodus is the sequel to Abe's Odyssee and once again challenges...


Fun Game
Original Idea
Funny at times

Quite confusing at times

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