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You play a slave called Abe, who works at a factory which processes different species into food products. When Abe finds out that the next species to be processed is his own, he escapes to save his race and find a way to bring down the entire plant.


  • An amazing new style of interactive gaming...It's A.L.I.V.E. (Aware Lifeforms In Virtual Entertainment)

  • Stunning, immersive, feature-film-quality graphical world of environments and realistic characters with REAL personalities.

  • Totally unique and innovative gameplay using features like GameSpeak, the ability to communicate with other characters in real-time, and ShadowPlay, the ability to hide in the shadows.

  • Mindblowing puzzles requiring you to use BOTH sides of your brain...One for 'twitch' skills, and the other for actual brainpower!

  • Truly immersive, interactive environment

  • No menus, inventory bars, scores, etc.

  • Player has infinite lives

  • Completely non-linear gameplay, multiple ways to solve every puzzle, and multiple storyline outcomes...depending on decisions you've made along the way.

  • Real-time musical conductor ensures that sound always matches the game's tempo...say goodbye to mindless background music!

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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is a very clever game that sends you off on a journey to...

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Well, it goes a bit like this.
You're this ugly fella called Abe.
Youre job is to save...

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