NBA Live 2001 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.0/10

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NBA Live 2001 Reviews

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IGN PSX 9/10 Oct 20 '00
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NBA Live 2001 Previews

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GameSpot Sep 06 '00
IGN PSX Aug 23 '00
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GameSpot on Oct 19 '00

"The sheer number of ways to control your players is staggering. You may make them push off, crossover dribble, pump fake, spin, post up, call for picks, and just about everything else real NBA..."

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IGN PSX on Oct 19 '00

"In what's been a recent staple in EA Sports' products, NBA Live 2001 will feature a unique rewards system that will give players an extra incentive to play the game."

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IGN PSX on Oct 23 '00

"Players no longer feel as 'slippery' as they did in years past, posting up achieves more of the desired reactions and results and lanes are much more identifiable."

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