Nascar 2001 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.2/10

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Nascar 2001 Reviews

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DigitalSports 91% Sep 25 '00
Game Power Australia 3/4 Nov 01 '00
Gamer's Pulse 76/100 Dec 27 '00
GameSpot 7.9/10 Jan 05 '01
Hotgames 4.5/5 Oct 10 '00
IGN 8.1/10 Oct 12 '00
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DigitalSports on Nov 21 '00

"Speed does scrub off much more realistically in corners, although the grip levels are too high to be realistic. For instance, you can easily do 80-85 mph around the tight near hairpin turns at the..."

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GameSpot on Oct 10 '00

"Sure, it's no Gran Turismo, but NASCAR 2001's diverse variety enables it to appeal to a wider audience, whether you're a veteran of the series, a simulation fan, or a newcomer to the genre." "

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Hotgames on Oct 10 '00

"When you’re alone on the track the graphics are very crisp, with excellent lighting and smoke effects. In full race mode the framerate and detail suffer..."

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IGN on Oct 13 '00

"Just judging from the specs of the game, not much has changed. Exactly one new track has been added, and that is Daytona. So, yeah, welcome back Daytona, finally pried away from Sega's "exclusive..."

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