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Nascar 2001 uses a new game engine with enhanced graphics, car physics, and AI. New to the Nascar videogame series is the Daytona 500. As the official Nascar sanctioned game, expect real drivers, cars, teams, tracks, sponsors and rules. There's 19 tracks for both night and day racing, over 30 drivers, and the ability to create your own driving profile.


  • New Technology - NASCAR 2001 uses a brand new game engine designed specifically for the PS2 with enhanced graphics, car physics, and challenging computer AI model.
  • Race at Daytona - For the first time, the world center of racing appears in a NASCAR PlayStation 2 video game. Race against the pack in the Daytona 500.
  • Authentic NASCAR Racing - The real drivers, cars, teams, tracks, sponsors and rules. EA Sports delivers real NASCAR racing - all the action, excitement, and bumper-to-bumper, green flag to checkered flag excitement of America's #1 motorsport.
  • Tough Racing - Compete with computer drivers that model the real-life tendencies of NASCAR drivers.
  • Top Drivers - Over 30 drivers including Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin and the late, great Dale Earnhardt.
  • More Tracks: - Daytona and 13 other NASCAR tracks with both day and night racing.
  • Full or "Track Pack" Season - Race a full or half NASCAR season or choose to compete on track packs: race just on short tracks, road courses, speedways, or superspeedways.

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