Namco Museum Vol. 1 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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Namco Museum Vol. 1 Reviews

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Absolute PlayStation  --- Jan 26 '01
Computer and Video Games 3/5 Aug 30 '97
GameSpot 6.2/10 Dec 11 '96
IGN 8/10 Nov 25 '96
Total Games 70/100 Jan 26 '01
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Absolute PlayStation on Jan 26 '01

"Some good, some bad, but most of them are ugly. Strictly for retro gameplayers."

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Computer and Video Games on Jan 26 '01

"Galaga, Pole Position and Rally-X are the headers of this mixed bag collection. Sounds like more fun than it is."

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GameSpot on Jan 26 '01

"Those who enjoyed video gaming's formative years will see these games and look past their extreme shortcomings: They won't mind the primitive graphics and sound because they'll be rediscovering a..."

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IGN on Jan 26 '01

"It’s interesting to note that even though these games are graphically primitive when compared to anything we have today, they’re still incredibly fun."

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