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Monster Rancher 2 continues the virtual monster breeding tradition started by the original. With this Playstation title, you can actually use CDs you have, be they music, PC software, or even other game CDs, to spawn unique monsters. Nurture and raise your new critter (or friend) to become the ultimate fighting machine. You may also import your Monster Rancher 1 monsters into this sequel.


  • You're the master: fully interact with your new pets

  • Hundreds of new monsters with monstrous attitudes

  • Unlock secret expeditions, levels, and monsters

  • Release your Monster Rancher 1 monsters into the world of Monster Rancher 2

  • For 1 player

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This game has a very simple principle, raise and fight your monster to become the...

If Possible Pal And Can Be Payed By Paypal MonsterRancher2 PSX

A very challenging game that consist in a boy/girl that passes the exam on the Monster...


Graphics-4: Great graphics for a psx game. The 3-D look and camera changes and angle...


This is a relatively good game.

Graphics-5:This game has some of the best graphics out...


In all it's fun if you can handle some stressful fights, and sad sudden deaths, and...


the range of monsters and sub-types are wonderful, the control interface is flawless...


When I first started to play this game when it first came out, I was horrible at it. I...


I tink monster rancher 2 is one of the top 10 games Ive ever played. Mabey it could...


I think that this game was made to give everyone that plays it a temper.It gets you...


The first impression of this game is that it is too basic. Here's the ranch, you got...


I love the first Monster Rancher and I love the second one. They add more monster...


My Review:
Gameplay-4.4 good
Idictation-5.9 This game is impossible to let go.

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