Freestyle motocross riding and motocross circuit racing come to Playstation with Motocross Mania. In addition to these styles of motocross riding you can also participate in Baja and Supercross events. Challenge opponents in stadiums or free-roaming outdoor environments.


Motorcross Mania puts you in the saddle of a high-powered motorcycle and into the white-knuckle world of a Motorcross raceway. From the opening menu you can choose which class of motorcycle you'd like to race (125, 250 and 400cc engines) and which game mode you'd like to race. Time Attack makes the clock and yourself your only opponents while Quick-Start and Championship Modes pit you against other motorcross racers. In Championship Mode, you will have the opportunity to win cash prizes with some solid racing. Which allow you to improve your motorcycle so it becomes the best. To complete each race, players must successfully manoeuvre their cycles through the entire track, avoiding obstacles, dodging other racers, landing enormous jumps and negotiating sharp turns - while finishing first can give you cash and new races courses. The real fun in the sport takes place in the air. Rolling in the air and several big stunts can be performed with a little practice and within the start menu are audio and video options to customize the look and sound of Motorcross Mania, Muliplayer options so you can play against your friends over the Internet, and custom racer options to change the colour of your uniform and motorcycle.

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