Mobil 1 Rally Championship Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.9/10

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Mobil 1 Rally Championship Reviews

website score publish date
Game Revolution C- Apr 01 '00
Absolute PlayStation  --- Mar 15 '00
GameCenter 4/10 May 31 '00
Gamespot 8.9/10 Feb 28 '00
Happy Puppy 8/10 Mar 20 '00
IGN 3/10 Mar 20 '00
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Mobil 1 Rally Championship Previews

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Absolute PlayStation on Jan 10 '01

"After finishing up with the truly fine Colin McRae Rally, I was surprised to see that EA's first jaunt in Rally racing was quite up to par with the others that are out there."

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Gamespot on Jan 10 '01

"Mobil 1 Rally Championship puts you as close to the action as you could ever hope to get."

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IGN on Jan 10 '01

"With good steering, it might have been a fun niche game. Might being the key word. But you don't drive this game. It drives you, right into cul-de-sacs and trees. Keep your lead foot off this game...."

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