MLB 2000 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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MLB 2000 Reviews

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Game Revolution B+ Apr 15 '99
GameCenter 8/10 May 18 '99
GameSpot 8/10 Apr 07 '99
IGN PSX 8.9/10 Apr 06 '99
PSXNation 91% Jan 10 '01
Sports Gaming Network 87% Apr 07 '99
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Quoted from MLB 2000 Reviews:
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"As for the people who can't decide on Triple Play 2000 or MLB 2000, both are great and you can't go wrong with either one. MLB is more of a baseball sim, whereas Triple Play has more of that arcade feel. Take your pick." "
"From the depth of the stat-tracking to the folds in the players' uniforms, playing MLB 2000 will make you think you're at a real game. Details such as these, coupled with two-man commentary courtesy of legendary Vin Scully and ESPN analyst Dave Campbell, make the choice of a winner clear."
"So which game wins? Triple Play 2000 or MLB 2000? Having played both games quite a bit, I can honestly say both are great. But I had more fun playing MLB 2000, thanks mostly to the terrific control."
"MLB 2000’s graphics are a little more vibrant, and controls are a little tighter than Triple Play 2000. But, Triple Play 2000 feels more complete and it has more energy. You can’t go wrong with either game, but my money goes to Triple Play 2000 this year."
"989's MLB 2000 is another solid baseball title that serious sim fans should consider. However it's not very different from MLB 99, an already solid title, so owners of 99 may want to rent first to determine if it's worth the bucks."