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It's WWII and the Office of Strategic Service has recruited Lt. Jimmy Paterson, Medal of Honor nominee in the Air Transport Corps, to undertake dangerous missions crucial to the Allied war effort against Nazi Germany. Conduct covert operations, rescues and raids in this 3D first-person shooter.

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for me it was the 1st of the world war 2 thirst person shooters and was a very epic game MedalOfHonor PSX
Great FPS for the PSX and still fun to play even if you played the sequel on the PSX. MedalOfHonor PSX
MOH has nothing on COD! MedalOfHonor PSX
oh man.. i get ratings of melon popper in this game :P i love headshots.. MedalOfHonor PSX

Overall this was the best Shooting game when It first made its appearance. I still...


This game is fantastic. I love first person shooters, and I love them more when they...


I was flipping through my old Playstation library and found this game on the very last...


I like this game alot more.I have...


All you can say about this game after playing it for the first time is its mind...


The Game is amazing and i would highly recoment it to anyone who engoyes a shoot em up...


this was a good game. i think its worth the 20 bucks i spent for it. the story line...


medal of honor takes the art of the 1st person shooter and turns it around into the...


This is a superb game with lots of playability, there are a good many levels with a...

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